Does anyone else feel a bit DIRTY about feeling GRAFTEFUL over DEFRA’s U-turn on spending tax payer’s money on research into raptor control ostensibly to protect a NON NATIVE INTRODUCED GAME SPECIES (pheasants) from being blown to oblivion for a marginal economic benefit to preserve a “Countryside Way of Life” that is in general ecologically illiterate and anachronistic and constantly harps on about how “townies” don’t understand their ways as if they had some special archaic knowledge, which actually just involves the supression of ecosystems and its components for economic gain. Just look at the response of the Countryside Alliance

I look forward to the time when we are able to work with the ecologically savvy stewards of the countryside and reclaim an ecological coherent approach to managing or natural resources. Through an ecosystems services approach, this should provide mechanisms for the promotion of stable, resilient ecosystems that continue to provide us resources in a sustainable fashion-i.e paying those that support  ecosystem resilience and punishing those that have a negative impact through a system of Payments for Ecological Services (PES). The continued presence of a non-native species with detrimental impacts on native amphibians & reptile being one of those impacts. How much are you prepared to pay for the KILL?