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No one who isn’t a full on neoliberal capitalist, head of a multinational or hedge fund manager really thought the political system was working well, was happy with the status quo. I looked forward and worked towards a time when people took power back and said Enough!….I respect the need for the voice of protest emerging behind #Brexit #Trump but not the fear – and hatred- driven direction this protest has taken.

But its not a time for despair: its a moment to stay together, dig deeper and work harder for a future where social and ecological justice prevail.┬áThis doesn’t just happen- we all need to take responsibility for making this happen, and stop burying heads in the sands of consumption.


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Staples Lane, Clandon Downs, TQ063503

Staples Lane, Clandon Downs, TQ063503

Ash tree in hedgerow, Staple Lane, Clandon TQ 064503

Overlooking woods at High Clandon Farm TQ06275053

Gappy Field Maple hedge, Clandon Downs TQ06435035

Clandon Downs TQ06435035

Clouds over Clandon Downs

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) in hedge bottom, Staples Lane, Clandon Downs TQ05865137

Staples Lane Clandon Downs Panoramic

Staple Lane, East Clandon TQ06435035

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