The headline image for this Web of Life blog was borrowed from the website of the Welikia Project, a Wildlife Conservation Society project to recreate the original ecology of the Manhattan (Mannahatta) Islands.

The image describes the habitat relationships (the place where a plant or an animal can  meet its basic ecological needs, that is, needs for food, water, shelter, and reproductive resources (e.g. materials for building nests, or a den where an animal can give birth) for the 1001 species known to inhabit the island.
The web was named after the famous naturalist John Muir, an early advocate of wilderness protection who wrote:

“When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe.”

You can watch a presentation about Muir Webs by Dr Eric Sanderson here (it starts about 4:27 mins)